Airplane outside of the Draughon-Miller Central Texas Regional Airport (TPL) in Temple, TX.
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Hangar Waitlist

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Spot #First Name, Last InitialSize Requested
1Joey E.ANY
2Scott SSM
3Curtis K.SM
4Thomas W.SM
5Cory R.LG
6John B.ANY
7Shawn B.ANY
8Nelson B.SM/MED
9Aaron T.MED/LG
10Thomas L.MED/LG
11Darren M.SM
12Bill H.SM
13Chad G.ANY
14John G.ANY
15Billy P.ANY
16William S.ANY
17Mark S.SM
18Frank L.ANY
19Matt W.MED/LG
20Stan D.MED/LG
21Paul R.MED
22Philip B.MED/LG
23Darryl S.ANY
24Donald H.SM
25Teresa S.LG
26Jeremy W.MED
27Dr. Tom S.ANY
28Kevin S.ANY
29Alex T.ANY
30Annabella A.ANY
31Eric C.ANY
32Josh P.ANY
33Larry H.ANY
34John War.ANY
35Kristine A.ANY
36Cody H.SM/MED
37Richard G.ANY
38Alan G.MED/LG
39Kris K.ANY
40Marjory K.ANY
41Kirk B.LG
42Ejay S.ANY
43Victor P.ANY
44Darren L.SM
45David E.LG
46Scot H.ANY
47Kris D.ANY
48Jamie T.ANY
49Geoff G.ANY
50Gary K.ANY
51Clinton G.SM
52Kenrick M.ANY
53Craig N.ANY
54Ron C.ANY
55Gabriel G.SM/MED
56Ryan B.ANY
57Andrew M.MED
58Kurt MMED
59Jim. MANY
60Isaac A.ANY
61Rick M.MED
62David H.ANY
63James L.MED
64Abelardo P.SM/MED


Small T-Hangar (40×30 ft.) – $200 a month

Medium T-Hangar (45×35 ft.) – $250 a month

Large T-Hangar (47×39 ft.) – $300 a month

Plane parked Inside a hanger at Temple Executive Air Center (TEAC) in Temple TX

Explore competitive pricing options tailored to accommodate your aircraft with premium facilities and services.

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